hi, my name is lauren.

here you'll find my blog.

i split my time between expedition ships in the arctic & antarctica, and a brownstone in brooklyn, ny.

drop me a line sometime, i would love to hear from you: laurenfarmer (dot) blog (at) gmail (dot) com

lauren farmer

I didn’t take much video with my DSLR but I did manage to film a few special moments. I left the audio on because it’s fun to hear the excitement of voices, the snap of cameras and the rumble of the MS Expedition.

1. The rocking seas of a Drake Passage crossing, shot from my window on Deck 3. 

2. Our landing at Danco Island. This was out first time experiencing a Gentoo penguin colony and boy was it windy! 

3. An Antarctic sunset, roughly 10pm. 

4. Cruising through the iceberg-ridden Penola Strait. This was my favorite day. 

5. The location of my only continental landing. This was extra special to experience with my kayaking group. 

6. A gorgeous Humpback whale popping up to say hello. 

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