Expedition Photographer in Antarctica.

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I went out to the Rockaways with a crew today to help in whatever way we could. This area was one of the hardest hit. I knew this, but I had no idea what to really expect. It’s pretty devastating and they still need so much help. Any house still standing has at least 4 feet of sand in the basement, and power cannot be restored until the sand is cleared out. If you’re able to find a way out there, just show up to St. Francis on 129th and offer to pitch in. They’ll give you home addresses to go and check out, but they’re also happy for you just to go door to door and ask what’s needed. As an aside, for the second half of my day I really enjoyed being paired with 12 Ralph Lauren male models. Nbd.

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  5. anneofgreentables said: we’ve got four kids from St. Francis at my school in Manhattan. These poor kids are so shell-shocked. Seeing these pictures just reminds me (again) why.
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